“[G-d] Made You Just Right” by Jill Lord

God Made You Just Right[G-d] Made You Just Right by Jill Roman Lord
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This book has the thicker cardboard pages (a “board book”) so that it can be used by younger children without concern over any damage (I’m thinking teething babies here or toddlers that like to tear paper). The artwork is simple in a manner that fits the book well. Pencil drawings with what ppears to be brushstroke additions help create an atmosphere of lighthearted encouragement, which closely follows the theme of the book. The story goes through how G-d chose every part of the child’s body and made them “just right,” which encourages a healthy view of self and positive body image.

My wife read this book to our boys (at the time of this review, ages eight and five) and they both loved it, so I can easily see this book working well for ages three to ten (under three as a great “reading” story). It is short enough to be an easy bedtime story, and it’s rhyming mechanisms help keep the attention of children. My wife loves the rhyming, art, and pictures. Her greatest concern is that while the book is diverse in its portrayal of different races, it altogether ignores the condition of the Fall – handicaps and illnesses.

Parents with children that have sickness or any handicaps (such as a wheelchair) may find their children more discouraged than encouraged by the book. This could be remedied by a simple illustration showing how someone in a wheelchair could sing or someone who is mute could play a game instead. Overall, though, I feel that such a pressure on the artist and writer is unnecessary if that is not their target audience. That said, the book could have a wider appeal if it were added.

It should be noted this book contains a clearly Christian message. It does quote Jewish literature, so if some minor alterations were made it could be applicable to a wider religious base as well. Otherwise, it is a great book but not the first pick off the shelf to take home…

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