“[G-d] Speaks: What He Says, What He Means” by Craig Evans

God Speaks: What He Says, What He Means[G-d] Speaks: What He Says, What He Means by Craig Evans

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Craig Evans is well-known for his theological works. In this book, Evans looks at what G-d says in His Word, and what He means in His Word. Evans evaluates this thesis by starting with a definition of what the Bible is, what it is saying, and what the Bible is about. He starts with the first pages of Genesis, evaluating the creation narrative, and discusses the Old Testament Law.

Evans continues on his linear evaluation of Scripture through the arrival of Y’shua and to the apocalypse. Evans finishes his work with common questions about the Bible, such as how to ensure a proper translation and interpretation, what one needs to understand about violence in the Bible, and how archaeological discoveries prove the events found in Scripture.

Evan’s goal in his writing of this book is to inspire readers to view the Bible as “a timeless book whose life-changing truths speak to every generation.” Evans writes at length to argue the point of relevance and application of Scripture on an individual, corporate, and national basis.

Evans’ points are simple and fluid, yet build to an overall complex argument. Such could be expected, however, given the text he is working with has the same characteristics. Evans’ approach makes the assumption that the reader is biblically-inclined and does not dispute the validity of Scripture, instead focusing on how it can better one’s life and existence.

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Evans writes with a prescriptive language, not necessarily engaging in the discussion directly, but rather taking an academic evaluation of the material. This book is wide in its challenge yet narrow in its focus, giving the reader a basic overview of key points, yet honing in on those points to a microscopic degree. This book is not designed for the average lay person, but rather for one considering taking the leap into academic studies. Evans’ writing matches that of a baccalaureate study program, and should be regarded as such as well.

Overall, the content is superb, and the voice is solid, yet at times needing something more motivating for the reader. In this regard, four out of five stars seems most appropriate.

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