“The Gift for All People” by Max Lucado

The Gift for All People: Thoughts on God's Great GraceThe Gift for All People: Thoughts on God’s Great Grace by Max Lucado
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Max Lucado is known for this abundance of works that encourage hope and faith in the community of believers. In this work, he looks to the cross yet again and how it is G-d’s gift of grace to everyone. His grace, a free gift to anyone who would receive it, has no limit and cannot be earned. Lucado shares through personal tales, and those of his congregants, to give examples, or parables, regarding the grace HaShem offers us all.

Lucado opens the book with a tale of Eric and Debbie and their difficult but impacting reunion. As Eric resisted Debbie, she never gave up. This reminded Lucado of Adonai and how He relentlessly pursues us regardless of the cost. This is His grace to us. And Lucado revisits how His grace is found within the life of Y’shua, from birth to death, as a ransom for sinners, at any cost, to restore everyone into rightstanding with G-d. Featuring a traditional “call to the cross” at the end, Lucado’s work is a short book, “thoughts on G-d’s great grace,” that fits as either a devotional to bolster the faith of a believer or as an altar call to those who do not yet believe.

This acclaimed work is short and direct, yet the prose engages readers to keep going with the work until completion. A great gift to others, this book is a trademark Max Lucado work, which means that it is intentionally crafted to be an elegant writing to draw people closer to G-d.

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