“Girl Talk: 52 Weekly Devotions” by Lois Walfrid Johnson

Girl Talk: 52 Weekly DevotionsGirl Talk: 52 Weekly Devotions by Lois Walfrid Johnson
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This book consists of two parts for each week. Part one of the weekly devotional is a story about a girl that is faced with a certain challenge and how they make choice along the way that in the end teach the reader valuable lessons, each week a different story is presented. Topics such as perseverance, anxiety, fitting in, confidence, secrets, honesty, friendship, and many more. With each weekly devotional girls are challenged to look at their own lives and reflect on the importance of making good life choices and how those choices impact themselves and the other people in their lives. Part two of the weekly devotional the reader will find 7 questions, one for each day, that will prompt the reader to reflect on their own life and journal their thoughts to the question presented. Each questions is designed to help young girls be honest with themselves and take a deep look at what is going on in their lives and inside themselves as well as reflect on past experiences so that they can take steps to making better and good life choices. At the beginning of each weekly devotional a scripture is provided that pertains to the challenge the story focuses on and at the end of each devotional a prayer is provided that challenges girls to seek wisdom from G-d.

There isn’t really anything to say about this part! The only thing I can think of is: Each devotional is written in a way that is easy to read and to apply to one’s life. The devotionals are also short but packed challenging issues that will help young girls put themselves in the shoes of the girls that are in the story they are reading. Overall, this devotional is a beneficial and relevant resource for teen girls ages 12-15 that parents can utilize in their daughters lives to help build upon their faith foundation and help them implement good choice making in their lives.

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