“[G-d] Makes Lemonade” by Don Jacobson

Don Jacobson, former owner of Multnomah Publishers, brings forward a new initiative: the LemonAid Foundation. This fund, set for single mothers and their children, is supported by the royalties of “[G-d] Makes Lemonade.” 

Like Stories for the Heart, published by Jacobson, or the Chicken Soupseries,G-d Makes Lemonade takes the same approach: find a heartwarming or heart-wrenching tale, publish many of them together, with an overall theme that encompasses the tales. In this case, these tales of woe (lemons) combine to make a sweet hereafter (lemonade).

Readers will find this book full of hope and inspiration, regardless of their religious stance or theological beliefs. Each tale, honest from the person who experienced it, told of a starting point, a loss, and a recovery strengthened by G-d. The Christian elements are appropriately placed – not shouting the Gospel but sharing how G-d helped these individuals overcome.

A broken marriage…healed.
A family…provided for.
An adopted child…reuniting with their birth family.

This book will be cherished by readers of all ages. While complied primarily for women, there are also some tales by men. This book is full of hope, inspiration, and love. Every CHristian, and person in general, has trial sand tribulations. Each and every tales in this book shows that you are not alone. It also shows that G-d truly does turn lemons into lemonade.

Buy two copies of this book. I’ve even placed it in the SG Store for your convenience, and linked it here. Seriously…buy two copies. One for your family (trust me – once you’ve read this, you’ll have your family read it as well), and one for someone you know that needs a little hope. It is life changing. After all, I’m a man (husband and father of two), and I nearly cried, as well as found rejoice in the resolution to these true tales. I came to this book apprehensive, believing I wouldn’t connect, and found myself turning page after page.Disclosure: I have received a reviewer copy and/or payment in exchange for an honest review of the product mentioned in this post.