“The Good Dad Guide” by Charles Marshall

The Good Dad Guide: 7 Things That Matter Most to Your KidsThe Good Dad Guide: 7 Things That Matter Most to Your Kids by Charles Marshall
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What is the making of a good dad? This book seeks to provide a guide to the complicated field by simplifying the challenge somewhat. In this book, a good dad provides, participates, prepares, protects, promotes, prevents, and persists. Seven basic qualities to sum up what the author argues to be the basis of being a good, perhaps excellent, father. For the author, becoming a father changed everything in their life, including how to park (I’d be worried about what was dangerous with their parking before becoming a father…). It may have changed the entire flow and process, but the greatest changes are found in the reason for moving forward, the prayers to pray, and the perspective he had. Society today likes to put down the father figure and argue for a feminist approach that replaces the need of a dad, but the psychological truth (there are scores of studies on this) show the need for a father figure and how no woman can ever replace the role of a father in a growing child’s life. This book seeks to dispersed the myth of easygoing and non-necessity by showing how crucial an active father is by the discussion of what makes a good dad, well, good.

The author writes with a level of transparency that is evident from the get-go, leaping off the page and into real life. What does a child need? What can I do to be a better dad? While the author asks these questions of himself at times, the end goal is for every dad to read this guide and step away empowered and prepared to be the best father there can be. The lessons are taught using anecdotes and true historical events to teach basic lessons, some of which are not popular in a modern day and age, such as that it is the father’s responsibility to financial provide for the family. The words may be difficult to hear, but that does not make them any less true. This book is worth a read for those needing a bit of a guide, or perhaps a kick in the pants (only as long as it’s built around uplifting criticism, of course…).

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