“Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal” by Tyndale House Publishers

Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring JournalGratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal by Tyndale House Publishers
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This book is a prayer and praise coloring journal. What exactly is that? The book is designed to help those who are more artistic feel like they can connect with G-d by approaching journaling in a fresh and expressive way. Each journaling page is really two pages. The first page has a theme, a prayer, a Scripture, and artwork to color in.

The second page has another theme, artwork to color in, and a spot to journal in with the themes. There will be some times that the journaling section is part of the prayer and memory verse with no artwork for coloring, which sets this apart from traditional coloring books.

This book is designed to be one of inspiration and motivation. Instead of allowing the user to guide themselves in the artwork journey, this work focuses on being more of a journey for the journal and less of a free-form process. The journaling sections are admittedly quite small, with a focus on being, well, pretty. Not every page is meant for coloring, but there is at least a spot to write on every couple of pages. My wife found the book to be quite beautiful, and with that as its intended audience, the book is marketed quite well. This book definitely has a focus on being Bible-minded, but not solely a Bible journal. The traditional Christian woman will enjoy this work the best, as it is definitely not meant for non-females or non-Christians. It is also priced competitively within the journal pricing range.

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