“Hacker” by Ted Dekker

Hacker (The Outlaw Chronicles, #3)Hacker by Ted Dekker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hacker is about Nyah Parks, a skilled hacker who, like most of those found in Dekker’s tales, stumbled into far more than they originally anticipated. Nyah may only be seventeen, but her abilities are far more than the most skilled hackers known to the world. It is this character that Dekker brings to life, long with her personal tragedies and experiences. Nyah is a character that speaks in a first-person point of view, inviting the reader to experience her triumphs and her losses simultaneously.

It is in this sense that Dekker once again succeeds in his craft, artistically weaving a tale together that entraps the reader and drives them to continue reading to the end. The voices of the characters are easy to identify and connect with, which then in turn propels the thrill and twists of the tale that is sure to unfold. An enticing read from beginning to end, this book is one that not only demands to be picked up, but refuses to be set down.

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