“Happiness According to Jesus: What It Means to be Blessed” by Bobby Schuller

Happiness According to Jesus: What It Means to be BlessedHappiness According to Jesus: What It Means to be Blessed by Bobby Schuller

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This book is a sermon, more or less, that evaluates, at length, the sermon on the mount. Including the beattutides, Schuller takes an approach similar to John Ortberg (who wrote the foreword), and being of the same theological tribe, this would make sense. So what is happiness according to Jesus? Going beyond mere statements such as “suffering is joy,” Schuller attempts to help the reader understand what it means to be blessed.

To start, the author introduces the reader to a cultural shift – which is to say that Y’shua’s role as a rabbi was not just about teaching, but also about mentorship and creating “heirs” to His philosophy and way of life, promulgating their own teaching and living of His methods after His ministry was completed with them. Schuller shares with anecdotes from his own life and that of others as he examines the sermon on the mount, but as initially indicated, this book offers little other than an deep evaluative approach to this passage of scripture.

For many, this book is exactly the answer to their sorrow or deep-seated depression: a different way of thinking over the same passage of text, and allowing that different way of thinking to drive your perception of the world, and subsequently, HaShem. For me, personally, I found the book to be unnecessarily wordy and repetitive to the basic concepts, but that is a technique often needed to reach different walks and styles of reading.

If you are looking to find happiness beyond where you are at, then this is a good starting place. It won’t be the end of your journey, but it can at least give you a proper start.

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