“At Home in the Father’s House” by John Sheasby

At Home in the Father's House: Where You Belong as a Child of the KingAt Home in the Father’s House: Where You Belong as a Child of the King by John Sheasby
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“You cannot give what you have not received.”

With this simple sentence, first heard in July 1995, the author shows the need of receiving the love of HaShem as our heavenly father. Without it, we are left only with the love, or lack thereof, experienced here on earth. Some parents did well and others not so much, but those lessons are passed on to the children, who then become parents themselves. Thus the need for heavenly love. Sheasby writes from the experience of his father’s struggle with love toward him as a child and how that expressed itself in his own fathership. This book has a dual focus: tell the story on the transformation in the author’s own life on how he learned to connect with G-d, and teach it as a similar opportunity for others.

Sheasby’s prose is easy to follow, allowing the reader to engage personally in the material. He tells his tale with vivid imagery and descriptive text, helping the reader visualize events and compare it to the author’s own journey. His tales are all too familiar to a modern generation – tales that I have typically heard coming from Catholic upbringings. Readers will enjoy his ability to craft words and give inspiration. The title is best suited for those seeking more of a father relationship with G-d as Father, and is a good place to start that journey.

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