“How To Be A S**t Leader: 51 Strategies Your Boss Is Using Against You Right Now” by Andrew Wood

How To Be A Shit Leader: 51 Strategies Your Boss Is Using Against You Right NowHow To Be A S**t Leader: 51 Strategies Your Boss Is Using Against You Right Now by Andrew Wood
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Disclaimer: this book contains language not suitable for work (ironic, isn’t it?). Have you watched a TV-MA show before? You’ll find loads of unnecessary junk to exploit the rating, one of the common ones being unnecessary F-bombs and the like. Part of the purpose is the “art of the rating.” This book is very similar. It could’ve been kept PG, but part of the flavor and larger picture is the need for the language. It’s an artistic expression, and this book is definitely a work of art. So, reader be warned, this book has useless foul language designed only to give a more accurate voice of the text to how the author truly feels, and as a result, believes how you should feel as well.This book is written for those fed up with the system and wanting to know how to break the mold of being a mere lowly staff member and ascend to the throne of management. Each section is written with what feels like minimal research yet total accuracy, mocking the situation and successfully only finding the worse in every scenario. It’s brilliant and flawed, which makes it a perfectly useless read to enjoy. Giving what feels like no practical advice, the author actually captures the perfect advice on how to thrive in most management scenes.

Sarcasm. Wit. Language. The author’s voice in this book drips with the ferment of one totally fed up yet simultaneously entranced by the capitalistic corporate culture. There is a decent (prevalent) amount of foul language, unnecessarily so, which enhances the humor of the piece of this book. Readers of this book will find it hilariously useless and a hidden gem of the truth of their own supervisor. Almost like a pressure-release valve for the irritating abscess of the corporate culture, this book is a short read that will either lead the reader to employment disillusionment or teach them the secrets of the management universe. As the author points out, most managers are mostly useless and s**t, so this book will only help the employee reach the same level of incompetent superiority as well.

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