“How To Be Rich” DVD Study by Andy Stanley

How to Be Rich: It's Not What You Have. It's What You Do with What You Have.How to Be Rich: It’s Not What You Have. It’s What You Do with What You Have. by Andy Stanley

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Andy Stanley seeks to educate all participants of this study of what “richness” means, being not “rich,” but having more than another person. That’s right, this is a DVD study with companion book – a one month study that introduces the topic, discusses side effects, dollar cost living, and diversifying. At a DVD running time of 205 minutes with the companion book weighing in at just over one hundred and fifty pages. But how does one define being rich?

It’s not about wealth.
If your annual gross income is $48,000 or more, you are within the top 1% of all wage earners in the world.
If you have clothing to choose from, you’re rich.
If you have traded in a usable car for another car, you’re rich.
If you have upgraded your usable phone for another phone, you’re rich.
If you have ever gone shopping just to relax, you’re rich.
Andy’s point is not about being rich, but to help us be good at it. Most people don’t feel rich, but we are richer than we think and we need to change that mindset. Andy sets to change this concept by helping us celebrate our richness, downsize and increase margin, learn to plan ahead, learn about the ownership myth, and learn greater gain.

So what’s the point? Andy bases this teaching off 1 Timothy 6:17, which commands the rich to give away their wealth. Andy’s point is that to feel rich, people need to realize how rich they actually are, and instead of putting that money back into the coffers of extra stuff we don’t need, use it to bless and benefit others with generosity. Andy argues that those who are rich are discontent, and the only way to fix that discontentment is to stop being rich – by being generous.

Hard words to live by, and scarier to put into practice. In fact, the concept frightens me. Perhaps if I felt more rich, then I would have no objection to what Andy’s teaching. But when I am making it by month to month in most cases, studying school and paying on loans for my education and car, it’s harder for me to see his point. Regardless of how difficult it is for me to agree with Andy, it doesn’t change the fact that Andy’s right. Most of us are rich – we just need to change our mindset about it. And perhaps that’s what makes this DVD study so necessary for everyone…

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