“Hunting Hope: Dig Through the Darkness to Find the Light” by Nika Maples

Hunting Hope: Dig Through the Darkness to Find the LightHunting Hope: Dig Through the Darkness to Find the Light by Nika Maples
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How does one dig through the darkness to find the light? That is the the point of this work by Nika Maples, who leads the reader to hunt, and find, hope (PS – that’s the answer to the question). I had the pleasure of taking a sneak peak via an Advance Reader Copy from First Look, so keep in mind that changes may have occurred from the time I have seen the manuscript draft to the time of publication.

Maples seeks to help readers understand the dark season they experience via two parts: G-d and Us. She first addresses the character of Adonai by helping the reader recognize the pain and hurt they are going through in light of the landscape G-d is working with. Why did this happen? Why am I in pain? Why am I suffering? These questions are some of those Maples seeks to answer in her explanation of Who G-d is and How He cares for us. He hears you, is with you, will not leave you, and is enough for you are only some of the examples of the chapters dedicated to examining G-d’s character.

When it comes to ourselves, Maples challenges readers to the following goals: choose humility, give grace, sing truth, keep going, and wait expectantly. These may seem difficult when the dark clouds surround you, but it doesn’t change the truth to them. Maples writes in a manner that will le the reader fall right in line. Sharing as if it is an internal dialogue compounded by Scripture and reality, readers follow the struggle Maples writes of, and most likely one the reader is experiencing. It seems odd, the idea of hunting for hope.

We hear about choosing joy and staying glad, but those are pure mental decisions, platitudes even, and not something that elicites action from the phrase itself. Anybody and choose anything, and staying in place is much easier than moving forward. This book doesn’t ask the reader to be the same, but challenges them to do the hard work – to hunt – for what they need by learning more about G-d and themselves, then committing themselves to be where G-d can work in them best.

It’s not a new concept, but it is a true one. In a time of prosperity gospel and inaction seeming best, this book is a welcome relief and challenge to readers to be more, because G-d enables them to be able to be more. That alone is worth the read.

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