“How Jesus Saves the World from Us” by Morgan Guyton

How Jesus Saves the World from UsHow Jesus Saves the World from Us by Morgan Guyton
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The title of this work suggests a problem with Christianity, and the author is correct. In this book, Guyton sets out to address twelve antidotes to toxic Christianity. What are the antidotes, and what is toxic? According to the author, worship cures performance, mercy cures sacrifice, empty cures clean, breath cures meat, honor cures terror, poetry cures math, communion cures correctness, Temple cures program, solidarity cures sanctimony, outsiders cures insiders, servanthood cures leadership, and kingdom cures stadium.

The point is to address: how to love HaShem, how to love people, how to be pure, how to be holy, how to live by Truth, how to read the Bible, how to teach doctrine, how to find sacred time, how to respond to sin, how to deal with conflict, how to follow Y’shua, and how to grow as a believer.

Guyton opens his book with an excellent question: “have Christians become what Y’shua came to stop them from being?” The answer? Most certainly. Christians do not necessarily think of this, and are quick to condemn the “Pharisees,” but modern Christianity is only a modern version of being a Pharisee. Is that a problem? Not entirely. The Pharisees may have gotten a lot wrong, but their pursuit of spirituality is a good lesson to keep. Christianity reflects everything wrong with the Pharisees: holier-than-thou attitudes, hypocritical living, and lack of the spirit of G-d. Guyton points out that the modern Christian church is a problem in many respects, and he is spot on in his analysis. John 1:11 very well applies just as much to Christianity today as it did to Y’shua’s contemporaries. Guyton not only recognizes this, but also, finally, acknowledges what no other Christian has to date: the Jews are not at fault for the death of Y’shua (HaShem’s law required this to happen, not only to atone for sin, but also according to Torah regulation).

Guyton does also acknowledge that the world even needs saving from him, which puts the twist on the reader. In this book, Guyton reveals the twelve issues he has with Christianity and highlights what he believes are the twelve ways to overcome the problem. Definitely a read for all believers, this book is sure to challenge one’s perspective and help them re-evaluate how they live out their faith in a modern world.

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