“Jews Don’t Need Jesus. . .” by Avi Snyder

Jews Don't Need Jesus. . .and other Misconceptions: Reflections of a Jewish BelieverJews Don’t Need Jesus. . .and other Misconceptions: Reflections of a Jewish Believer by Avi Snyder
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Being a former Christian and Messianic Jew and now a practicing Orthodox Jew, I thought this book would be perfect for me to read and review. In fact, I acquire an advance reader copy of the text when I was leaving the evangelical fold for Judaism. This book did not do anything to reconcile my concerns and issues I found within the Jesus camp.

Avi shares his personal tale, and while it is moving, at no point does he address why he feels the Jews need Jesus (not from an outsider’s perspective, that is). Instead, he only asserts the traditional Christian doctrine regarding salvation. He does not adequately discuss proof that Jesus is the Jewish messiah in any fashion or form, instead relying on doctrine and dogma to motivate Christians to do Jewish outreach.

This is problematic for both the Christians and the Jewish people. Part of my dissertation work is to prevent the very thing that Avi argues strongly for. Theologically, Avi’s position as no standing, as Jesus is in no way the Jewish messiah or the self-pronounced son of G-d. This work stands in the way of improve Jewish-Christian relations, as the largest hurdle I have come across with fostering shalom between the two is the evangelism efforts aimed at Jews. Avi writes well, and he may mean well from his perspective, but the harm this brings is unfortunate, as it is not only that the Jews do not need Jesus, but that they commit idolatry by following Jesus.

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