“The Kingdom” by Guy S. Stanton III

The KingdomThe Kingdom by Guy S. Stanton III
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Guy Stanton writes a story about a kingdom. This kingdom was of a promised people with a promised land, but the people were not faithful to their worshipping god, and as a result, were kicked out of the land and divided into a diaspora of people. There was a new covenant given by their deity, however, which allowed more than one people to worship. While the storyline shared is a work of fiction, the setting is not. Based on early Israel during the Roman occupation and ministry of Y’shua, this work follows one born of mixed blood and therefore rejected by all. I can’t reveal details of the book, as it is poor form, but I do find myself identifying the the main character.

Stanton writes in a first-person approach that engages the reader to see the thoughts, including patterns of thought, in the narrator. Almost as if reading a journal kept during that time, the audience is led through the experiences without special insight, caught by surprise just as much as the protagonist. This is not the first time I have experienced this style to this degree, but I have to point out that it is difficult to navigate this method as a writer and pull it off with such a high degree of success. Stanton succeeds in this, avoiding the awkwardness that is sometimes experienced in this style and engaging the audience to lead them through the adventure. His ability to craft words together to make impacting prose and balance the spiritual questions along with the physical is impressive and worth the read. I don’t finish every book I review, often needing to chunk books. In some cases, like this one, I am inspired to keep reading after the review is done, and in this case I certainly plan to. After over three hundred reviews, that means something.

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