“Let’s Go on Safari!” by Kate Gilman Williams

Let's Go on Safari

Let’s Go on Safari by Kate Gilman Williams
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There’s more that meets the cover with this book. First off, when individuals purchase the book, the proceeds go toward activism efforts such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the Jane Goodall Institute, and the Global Wildlife Conservation, all with the aim of helping save endangered animals. It’s an appropriate action, too, given that this book is aimed to help turn readers toward advocacy.

The story follows an eight-year-old girl who mets a professional guide. Their series of emails are the foundation of the content of this book. The work guides the reader through their real-life experiences in relation to safari, with the intent of fostering passion with advocacy, adventure travel, and personal empowerment.

The content is definitely aimed for a children’s audience and I can see how my own children would be engaged with the material. Several photos of the experience on are each page. The production material of the advanced reader copy I was sent is not one I would recommend for final release, but does fit the style of traditional children’s books. My boys did not seem to mind the cover and were engrossed in the content of the book. While we see many of these animals at the local zoo, it was an excellent experience for the boys to see the animals in their natural habitat and be motivated to make personal change. This book is essential for our future generation and is an excellent short read for youth.

Pricing for the work is on par, especially since the proceeds are committed to advocacy works. Overall, this book is one that children will enjoy and will definitely foster conversation about how humankind takes care of, or doesn’t take care of, the world. It encourages readers to have a personal responsibility to make the world a better place, and ends with the mission call of starting today.

This book review is posted on May 17 in recognition of Endangered Species Day. The world needs our help and this book can help motivate a future generation to step up to the plate.

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