Mike Saves the Day by JT Hobbs

Mike Saves the Day (Pufferfish Adventures Book 1)

Mike Saves the Day by JT Hobbs
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“Don’t worry, it’s nothing. We’re all ‘weird’ and no one cares.”

In this short colorful story, J.T. Hobbs teaches an invaluable lesson to kids today – being “weird” is okay and no one cares. It’s a message about an ideal in America – the embrace of diversity, the support of inclusion, and the ubiquitous concept that we’re all our own version of weird and “be your truth.”

This, however, is not the world we live in, for many reasons. But the notion is that we want everyone to be valued and appreciated in a utopia sense, and there is no better way to address this than starting with children’s literature.

The book itself is a short read – about thirty-some pages in total. A great short story for early readers gaining independence in their skills, the artwork is beautiful and a great companion to the author’s literary style. Overall, this book is a good read and dodges any questionable material, making this truly a great book for kids regardless of one’s conservative or liberal leanings.

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