“Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing” by Christy Beam

Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of HealingMiracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing by Christy Beam

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Have you met Annabel Beam yet? If you have not, then she has quite the experience to share with you. Annabel spent far too many days, more than a child should have to, in and out of hospitals. The reason? Annabel had a disorder, rare and incurable, that affected her digestive system and prevented living a normal life. Quite frankly, it was hell. Even though science had resolved to give her pills and dismiss her, that was not G-d’s intent.

Annabel had an accident one day when she was able to play with her sisters: she fell three stories, headfirst, in a hollow tree. Surprisingly unharmed by the incident, she was touched and healed of her problems, after visiting heaven in her unconscious state. It is not my place to tell the rest of the story, however, and I will leave that to her mother, Christy Beam, who wrote this book. Instead, as a reviewer, I will allow you a glimpse to determine if this book is one you want to read (TL;DR – read the book).

Who wouldn’t want to read about a miracle? In fact, miracles have become a popular topic today, not only from Annabel’s experience, but also that of the Burpo’s (it was made into a movie, if that helps), and others. Miracles defy science, and in a world where every detail of space and the ocean is being mapped, the unknowable and unexplainable is quite attractive. That may be a great reason to read this book, and I am not one to disagree.

Christy writes her tale of being a mother, and believer, with quite the voice. She eloquently tells the story of her daughter, Annabel, with strong references to the Bible. Her storytelling effects are quite impressive, in fact, taking a true tale and drafting it with such a creative stroke of the pen that it feels too much like a work of fiction – not out of unbelievability, but out of the prose she put on paper. Christy’s voice is majestic in her retelling, realizing the bigger picture at hand, and G-d’s handiwork in even the minute details. Readers will either love or hate the style of this book.

Let me be quite honest with you. I am inspired by the book, and it reminds me of the greatness of HaShem, but it is not my style of reading. My wife, however, would eat it up, being whisked away from our living room and into the descriptive experience that Christy has created.

Who is this book for? If you are reading this review, then you are on the fence on whether or not to read it. If that is the case, then take the jump. This religious biography is receiving high marks from reviewers, and is worth investigating. In my own personal world of disorders and medical incomprehension, this book reminded me that I am not alone, and that perhaps, one day, G-d will grace our family with a miracle as well. That alone is worth the read, but the book delivers far more – inspiration and hope to see beyond the daily hum drum, and remember the G-d of creation is smiling over all of us…

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