“Motherless” by Erin Healy

MotherlessMotherless by Erin Healy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Erin Healy is well-known for her writing partnership with Ted Dekker, which is how I came across this title for review consideration – the same group that asked me to review A.D. 30 requested me to check out this title as well. Healy has won awards for her fictional writing expertise and is well-known as a fiction editor for other authors.

Reading through Healy’s tale of mystery and suspense, her writing style is one that engulfs the reader. Those not careful or attentive to this ensnaring writing style will find themselves at the mercy of a book that allows no sleep or other activities. Having significant experience as an editor, her expertise seeps into the words she uses to keep her audience engaged.

To call this novel light would be an outright lie – it is heavy and overwhelming. It requires a commitment to the end in order for the reader to even have the slightest hope of understanding or sense, and in some cases, even then there is no revelation. This book is one that the reader will either love or hate – there is no middle ground. And yet, that’s where I stand with it. I see Healy’s quality and workmanship, her attention to detail and prose that captures the reader. Yet, despite this, it doesn’t catch me and keep me going. Perhaps it isn’t my cup of tea, which is fine to admit, because not every writer can appeal to every reader.

Regardless of my own disinterest in Healy’s style and content, I admit that her work is a quality one and worth investigating further. Those who like Healy’s other projects, or even those who are fans of Dekker’s works, will enjoy this title without a doubt. Just remember – fiction is not only a method of entertainment, but an impactful method of teaching and learning. If a movie can suggest a theme in less than two hours, then surely a book can motivate and lead a movement when this read clocks in closer to four to five hours.

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