“Who Moved My Pulpit?” by Thom S. Rainer

Who Moved My Pulpit?: Leading Change in the ChurchWho Moved My Pulpit?: Leading Change in the Church by Thom S. Rainer
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In this book, Thom. S. Rainer approaches challenges within the pastorate leadership of a church. Using an example of a pulpit being moved, Rainer highlights challenges that pastors face with leadership. As the culture changes, the church needs to change to stay modern. This is not always a simple matter, however, as the church is fraught with politics and lobbying. Much like Capitol Hill, individual members will present problems to be resolved, or resort to social media to shame the church into a particular action or inaction. This should not be so, and Rainer recognizes it. To me, such situations should be called out and aired as inappropriate for adults and professing believes to be part of. Rainer’s approach is more delicate, however, instructing the challenges of pastorate leadership and, through the course of the book, educating the reader on how to navigate the church politics. In this endeavor, Rainer is a master of excellence within the Christian realm and particularly suited to find success.

Rainer’s work is written conversationally and engages the reader easily. This book is a very short read that is designed to help those struggling with pastorate leadership. Rainer recognizes the free fall attendance numbers and dangerous state of the church today, and aims to help modify the church through excellent leadership techniques to be successful and relevant once again. Rainer correctly identifies his target audience and builds practical steps paired in with theoretical knowledge to give the reader an informed stance on implementing change in their own churches. Simple and short, this work is an hour read for those who are too busy to afford more than that, which is the perfect and well-timed solution. I recommend this book for those who need to see change or are being negatively hit by the church in relation to change.

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