“NKJV Precious Moments Precious Prayers Bible”

NKJV Precious Moments Precious Prayers BibleNKJV Precious Moments Precious Prayers Bible by Thomas Nelson
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When it comes to Christian Bibles, it seems that there is a difficult struggle between marketing for a specific age or purpose and balancing the “Bible-ness” of the product. In the case of this kids Bible, the book is a hardback book with a squishy front cover. One is welcomed with traditional Precious Moments artwork adorning the front of the Bible. Throughout the work, there are inserted full-color Precious Moments pages that feature artwork and crafted Christian prayers for a child to learn and recite. This is where the theme ends and the rest is traditional thin “Bible” pages with a two-column NKJV rendition.
While the Precious Moments attempt is welcome to helping a child feel more engaged with the product, the standard Bible formatting misses the mark. The pages have text seeing through, as a result of the thin paper, which makes it more difficult to read. The small font size and close lines also indicates that this Bible is not truly meant for a youth, but rather to entertain the youth with pretty pictures while the parent is the one actually reading the work. For those that love Precious Moments, they will no doubt love this Christian Bible. Otherwise, there are other quality works that will better meet a child’s needs.

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