“Once-A-Day Nurturing Great Kids Devotional” by Dan Seaborn

Once-A-Day Nurturing Great Kids Devotional: 365 Practical Insights for Parenting with GraceOnce-A-Day Nurturing Great Kids Devotional: 365 Practical Insights for Parenting with Grace by Dan Seaborn
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Parenting with grace can be quite the challenge. Trust me on this – I’m a parent of two boys and a theologian. Sometimes, it can seem that our ability to practice our faith and parent are at opposite ends, with all the challenges that a busy home provides. It doesn’t have to be this way, however, and Seaborn proves it with his year-long daily devotional that gives practical insights for parents and parenting with grace.

My wife is a stay at home mom and full time student online, so I got this book for her to work with the children on. After all, the cover with the different shoe sizes seemed right up her alley. Upon sitting down to review it and opening the book, however, I realized that this is more of a devotional for parents to complete, not necessarily parents with children. That said, parents can complete it with their children if they are at the right age of maturity and the right conversations occur.

The devotional kicks off with January 1, featuring a “theme” of the day and a highlight verse for the message. Seaborn then kicks into micro-sermon mode and provides a few short paragraphs to get parentings thinking in terms of grace. What’s great about this devo is that Seaborn doesn’t just suggest change needs to happen – he highlights ways to implement the change (some practical, some theoretical). He concludes with a parenting principle to remember and points to ponder. This can open up great conversations if discussed between the parents, and can be modified to include children if that’s more your pace.

As I said, often times it feels like being a Christian and being a parent are two different things, but with this book, parents who happen to be Christian can be one step closer to being Christian parents, and that’s a good thing.

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