“Outcry” by Ryan Romeo

Outcry: New Voices Speak Out about the Power of the ChurchOutcry: New Voices Speak Out about the Power of the Church by Ryan Romeo
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In this book, the author includes several guest contributions from different talents well known in the Christian music industry. The author looks to the church and discusses the power of the church today. Romeo includes sections on the current relevance of the church, if one can be proud of the church, how the church is not perfect but worthwhile, and how messy life can be in the church. Outcry is the name of a tour that included many talented musicians. It was a huge success right from the start. In this book, Romeo presents that Outcry is not a movement, not the “next big thing,” but rather part of the reason that G-d is endorsing and pushing forward to rejuvenate the church.

Romeo begins the work with a narrative of creation. It captures the reader’s attention and draws them in, forcing the audience to salivate over what he is going to say next. Creation is no longer an abstract concept or moment in history, but a vivid action relived in every moment. It is in this introduction that Romeo brings attention to the church, using relevant Scriptures and storytelling, to present his thesis: despite the flaws and imperfections of the church (building, organization, and people group), the church is necessary and designed to help the people of G-d stand together and live together.

Romeo’s writing is motivating, powerful, and driven. He aims to help the reader see the next big thing is the same big thing for the past two thousand years – the church. His writing is unapologetic yet gentle, encouraging the reader and guiding them to see what he sees. To know what he knows. To feel what he feels. And Romeo’s not alone in his hope, with the assistance of guest authors that toured with him. Romeo shares his personal life, and heart, in his writing, and it’s evident. Persuasive isn’t the right term, perhaps addictive is. Romeo, along the path, gives a score of name-drops to add to the “success” of what he’s sharing. While I may not be as doe-eyed and hopeful about the church as he is, his work nonetheless gives hope and inspiration where previously there was none.

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