“Power of Alignment” by Andrea Kamenca

Power of AlignmentPower of Alignment by Andrea Kamenca
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is different than other books in its field – a parable that guides the reader through one person’s life to enlightenment…or something like that. The concept is simple and a fresh approach to dealing with “self-help.” Everyone is familiar with the old song and dance of self-help. This one tries to one-up its competitors by embracing the variety of tools already in existence to learn more of oneself (Meier-Briggs, DiSC, etc.) and add to the mix another approach: alignment. What is the power of alignment? The author presents that alignment is just as if one’s back works properly versus being out of alignment – life is more difficult and more painful. In the same capacity, the author presents that if one’s life is out of alignment, it just doesn’t flow how it should. Harmony and balance are only achievable when alignment in life is found.

The author’s writing style is easy to understand, if not a bit cheesy. The book is easy to engage and follow along, but the storytelling feels strained at times and simplified to bare bones with the goal of driving along a plot. A shorter read, this book is not the cure all, but only a guide to finding the next step in the self-help journey. Those interesting in a different approach or struggling with figuring out one’s alignment will find this book the perfect next read.

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