“Pray A to Z” by Amelia Rhodes

Pray A-Z: A Practical Guide to Pray For Your CommunityPray A-Z: A Practical Guide to Pray For Your Community by Amelia Rhodes

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This book is called “a practical guide to pray for your community.” This book is organized by letter, from A to Z, with topics for prayer. Starting with addiction and going to zeal, this book covers many practical topics in, and out of, the ministry that one may need to be inspired with regarding prayer. The idea came to the author during a prayer session, in which she changed from praying for people to praying by topic, then mentioning those people with that topic. 

The book covers five topics per letter. The first three are petition and the last two are praise, giving a well-rounded approach to the topic. Included with each topic is a verse and prompts to help jump-start the prayer session. This book can work for personal use as well as group use, even with small groups in a congregational setting. The scripted prayers are not set in stone – they are a guide in case one needs additional help.

This book is the result of one’s personal need and the request of those around her. Having formed this own prayer approach, the author found this method to be rejuvenating to their prayer life and those around her, which only pushed to have it spread even more, to the point of this book format. Those who struggle in finding effectiveness or meaning in their prayer life will benefit from this book. While my usage of a Siddur is similar, this book focuses on others, while the Siddur focuses on HaShem. Others need prayer as well, and for those that do not care for the finger approach or do not have a method of their own, this book will be a perfect solution, or inspiration, to them.

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