Principles for the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ

Principles for the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus ChristPrinciples for the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ by

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While the book does not seek to establish itself as the final authority on the issue, it nonetheless sets to provide a stringent set of regulations for individuals to follow and adhere to for the “future persecution.” Is this future persecution impending? That’s for you to decide. However, the author of the title has assumed it as fact, and in this consideration, the argument presented finds itself formed much like a plea or independent letter to scattered believers, much like the New Testament letters, specifically the letters that John wrote to the seven churches in Revelation.

The book then goes on in the letter format to challenge the non-persecuted church, with application of Scripture, to be convicted of its current status of lukewarm behavior and to live with a tenacity, saltiness, and brightness measured in the Book of Acts. The argument presents itself against modern American Christianity and consumerism that has been rampant in the church, challenging believers to go back to home fellowships, nondenominational status, and unification amongst believers. With this expectation set, the authors then provide principles they observed in Scripture that they feel should be applied to the lives of believers today.

In regards to readability, the authors announced in the preface that great care was taken to make the book easy to read yet filled with informative content. In this regard, the book achieved the goal. The book references its assertions throughout with appropriate use of endnotes and citations. But what of the doctrine? In the end, as the reader, you will have to ascertain if the doctrine is correct or not. This book has been thoroughly reviewed, and like denominational differences, opinions are vast and diverse regarding this title.

Is the current American church in trouble? Of course. Should it be abolished? Perhaps. But is it timely? While persecution has it the rest of the world, it has been sparing in the United States thus far, the only hatred spewed against the church or its adherents being a retaliation of the hate that Christians have historically placed on pagans, scientists, and the LGBT community. In that regard, perhaps a first step is better positioned to treat others how we wish to be treated.

All things considered, this book nets four stars in its approach. While it isn’t perfect, the book is a worthy challenge to one’s doctrine and personal display of faith.

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