“Sacred Intent: Maximize the Moments of Your Life” by Brent Crowe

Sacred Intent: Maximize the Moments of Your LifeSacred Intent: Maximize the Moments of Your Life by Brent Crowe
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With many accolades presented at the beginning of the book, Crowe sets a high standard of expectations for the reader. He outlines his book with a simple format: Monday through Sunday. The idea? In seven days (a lot of reading in a short period), the reader can address seven major questions and reflect on their own spiritual growth. Influence, Time, Calling, Engagement, and Relationships all play critical keys in this spiritual journey the reader takes on. In fact, this isn’t just a one-time approach, but a daily mindfulness. Each day has its own theme. Keep this in mind – this path is not for the light-hearted or whimsical, but rather for the believer willing to take the book seriously and move forward in maximizing their life.

This book is more a devotional than anything else. Written with the common believer in mind, this book encourages and educates to living mindfully in the Messiah and making the most of each day. Definitely a choice for those needing a bit more purpose and intention, this book is a great step along that marathon path. Chock full of Scriptural basis for each assertion Crowe makes, readers will be hard-pressed not to change their lives over the sake, and sacred intent, of this book.

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