“Scripture and Counseling” by Robert W. Kellemen

Scripture and Counseling: God's Word for Life in a Broken WorldScripture and Counseling: God’s Word for Life in a Broken World by Robert W. Kellemen
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This book is a hodgepodge of leading theologians and their takes on Scripture and counseling. This is critical because there is a postmodern movement, even in conservative circles, to eradicate Scripture from counseling and to counsel not based on biblical commands and notions but rather on each person’s own definition of truth on what “feels right.” I was shocked with my own experiences at Liberty University to find this even in their coursework, as well as in my wife’s coursework for her Masters in Counseling. That is what makes this book necessary in this dark age, and having guest authors such as Kevin DeYoung only add to the credibility of the work.

It is difficult to review based on the style and voice of an author when there are so many authors in a work such as this one. What I can comment on is this – even the introductory words prove the point of the necessity of this book. The attempts of modern culture, especially modern Christian culture, to include secular psychology in a faith-based counseling process is damaging and damning. This dangerous notion undermines the foundations of following the Way, which is one that requires us to be at odds with the culture and times. Books like this serve as reminders of allowing a Way to be subverted into a religion. The Bible is timeless and its counseling content is timeless as well, not in need of revision, edit, or addition. While not every author is easy to read, this book features a variety, and one is not obligated to reading in order or ready certain sections at all.

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