“Secrets of the Hidden Scrolls: The Great Escape” by M.J. Thomas

The Great Escape (The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls #3)The Great Escape by M.J. Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Follow Peter, Mary, and Hank in a blast to the past to the time of Moses and the Plagues of Egypt. Having already survived two adventures in the magical scrolls, this duo with their pet dog dive into a third mysterious scroll with fourteen days to solve the puzzle. Note: while the events in this book take place in Torah, there are themes and references to characters unique to Christian theology. This book is a great for Christian audiences but not non-Christian ones.

Much like the “Chronicles of Narnia,” the author sets out to engage youth with stories that come to life. Recommended for ages six to nine, I can say my nine-year-old would easily have a handle on the book while my six-year-old would definitely need assistance. Overall, the material is a fun story and enjoyable, minus the issues already addressed in this review.

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