“The Seven Laws of Love” by Dave Willis

The Seven Laws of Love: Essential Principles for Building Stronger RelationshipsThe Seven Laws of Love: Essential Principles for Building Stronger Relationships by Dave Willis
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In this book, Dave Willis looks to love and provides the basic principles of love to help the reader build and improve on their relationships with others, self, and Creator. The book begins with a definition of love. Based off that definition, Willis covers the laws of love: commitment, selfless sacrifice, speaking truth, conquering fear, offering grace, bringing healing, and living forever. After covering these core components, Willis looks to how love works in action with the spouse, family, neighbors, enemies, self, and HaShem. Coming with high praise, Willis endeavors on a topic that has been covered time and time again. He reviews the modern challenges facing individuals and how the point of life – love – gets caught up and missed in the busyness of the everyday mundane. He firmly believes that living well is based on, and requires, loving well. From that thesis, Willis expands and discusses love at length.

Willis has an easygoing style of writing that readers will be able to identify with. There are some theological components to his work, but it is more of a worldview approach than a terminology approach, meaning that he doesn’t dispense five dollar words at every intersection, instead opting for a simpler and easier to understand language and sentence structure that retains readership and opens the doors for individuals at almost every level of comprehension to learn from the text. Readers will find Willis to be natural in his writing, much like a casual conversation at a coffee table. For those looking to learn more on the subject, this is an excellent choice to consider.

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