“Skinny Life” by Crystal Hansen

Skinny Life: The Secret to Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual FitnessSkinny Life: The Secret to Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Fitness by Crystal Dwyer Hansen

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The health and fitness movement has evolved much over the past years. What used to be a simple approach to health (diet, exercise, lose weight) has transformed into a vast and complicated landscape (holistic approach, nutrition, exercise, allergens, maintenance, active lifestyle, etc., maybe lose weight) as the scientific studies have improved knowledge on this topic. With such a complex approach to what one would hope to be a simple result (ie: lose weight, feel better, conquer the world), one can easily feel lost and hopeless in this endeavor. So what does one do?

Crystal Dwyer Hansen offers an alternate approach: a form of fitness that combines physical and emotional health with spiritual health, specifically that of a Christian mindset, which is rare to see compared to the many trans-meditative and pagan publications available. Hansen’s approach offers the promise of an easy journey that approaches health holistically.

Hansen’s argument centers on her assumption that America has focused on treating the symptoms of the overweight disease in America, and not the cause. There is validity in this approach, too, as many nutritional coaches have begun to highlight how the Western medicine approach is altogether incomplete. Hansen does not believe the “eat less and exercise more” mentality is the answer, but instead argues that the issue regarding weight is all in one’s head, and approaches the healthy weight argument with an address to habits and lifestyles, arguing that a proper approach includes self-respect, self-love, and self-honor. She carries a resume that backs up her beliefs, too, being a life coach for years and seeing negative self-image as a core problem in each person’s life.

So, a review is not such a Cliff Notes version of the book. My job, as the reviewer, is to give you insight as to if you should read this book book. How many stars is it worth? Does the author write well? It is approachable? How accurate is the argument? In the case of this book, Hansen’s statistics are somber: obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, which suggests most approaches today just aren’t working. Hansen argues holistically, which is necessary for the approach, but she does it with a life coach mentality instead of a counselor mentality: instead of focusing on what’s wrong with you, she focuses on how you can better your own life and coaches you into success. Life coaching has gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason.

This book reviews a recommendation from me in this regard, being a timely publication on the benefits of Christian Life Coaching and the positive impact on one’s weight and overall health. Without a doubt, this book offers great benefit for anyone that reads it, not just those hoping to lose weight. Consider it an introduction to life coaching, and takes its words to heart. The Skinny Life isn’t about miserably shedding pounds – it’s about living holistic and happy.

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