[Audiobook] “How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age” by Dale Carnegie & Associates

Simon and Schuster sent me this CD as part of the Solid Gold Reviewers Program at Audiobook Jukebox. This epic narration is seven hours in unabridged length.

While initially the length seemed insurmountable to listen and acquire knowledge from, I found myself through five hours with hardly a notice. The ease at with Robert Petkoff narrates and brings the text to life, combined with Carnegie’s excellence at teaching through the written word, makes this audiobook the perfect companion for the audiophile. Plug in a pair of earbuds and the daily commute is transformed instantaneously into a personalized communication workshop.

After listening, quite enjoyably, to the audio, I learned much about:

  • Leadership
  • Smiling
  • Communication
  • Friendship
  • Gaining followers
  • Self-introspection

Revised for the digital age with the classic writing style that initially popularized Carnegie’s book, the prose harnesses the power of social networking, combined with traditional telephone conferences, interviews, and meetings.

This audiobook has informed me on how I can better improve my communication and brand, not just as an individual, but as a family man and also in the blogging arena. With lessons about value, content, and worth, Carnegie’s concepts are timeless. For example, an early study on smiling showed those that smiled in pictures often had at least one additional close friend, when compared to the national average of six. As Facebook and other communication techologies have gained popularity, this statistic has not changed.

Petkoff’s narration is par for the course, an uncanny mimicry of Carnegie’s written voice. Coming from my own opinion of how well-versed, dictated, and smoothly read this audio book is, it is a rare occassion that I can recommend the audio book edition without hesitation over the print edition. This audio is the cherry to top the sundae, providing a verbal instruction we all need in this topic. Petkoff has miraculously overcome the temptation to read aloud and became the voice of the text itself. Five stars and high applause.

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