“The Spiritual Warfare Answer Book” by Dr. David Jeremiah

The Spiritual Warfare Answer BookThe Spiritual Warfare Answer Book by David Jeremiah
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Dr. David Jeremiah describes spiritual warfare in simple terms: the biblical context by which we all view life’s events. For Jeremiah, spiritual warfare is an everyday reality that most of the world, including most of the believing world, altogether ignores. Apart from spiritualists and charismatics, spiritual warfare is generally discarded and ignored in favor of living the physical world.

There has historically always been a careful balance between the physical and the spiritual, with the gnostics overdoing the spiritual and the Sadducees overdoing the physical. Balance must be maintained. Does Jeremiah accomplish this? Given his roots, many will not be interested in what he has to say, but it does not mean there is nothing to learn from what he shares.

Jeremiah asserts that it is HaSatan that causes difficulty in life, but one must be careful to remember that there are several factors at play, not just spiritual, including personal decision-making and consequences of living in a physical realm. Jeremiah argues that he knows the strategies of the devil, and reveals them in this work. It is a difficult mandorla to balance, with one opposite representing the evil power HaSatan has and the other opposite standing for the never-questioned victory of HaShem. In this delicate balance, believers must be aware of spiritual realities while accepting their own destiny. HaShem winning does not negate the enemy’s ability to influence and interfere with human life. That said, however, even with Job, HaSatan needed permission. After all, that is his nature – to accuse us before HaShem, so regardless of what the devil does, it bodes one well to always pursuit that which is good, pure, and holy.

This book is useful to peruse not as the war strategy that Jeremiah offers it as, but to be familiar with one particular view on spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare is very real, but since it is mostly spiritual, humans alone cannot know all there is to know of it – only what the Bible reveals. Therefore, be aware of the content in this book, and be prepared to recognize signs in your own life, but most of all: acknowledge that whatever HaSatan throws at you, you can overcome by refocusing on Y’shua, the Prince of Peace that conquers the prince of darkness.

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