“Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for [G-d’s] Glory” by Jerry Rankin

Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for God's GlorySpiritual Warfare: The Battle for God’s Glory by Jerry Rankin

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Rankin’s content is a very interesting read. He presents several fascinating viewpoints regarding spiritual warfare. Reviewing his information, I do like that he addresses the reality of spiritual warfare. He shares several tales of his experiences to help validate, in a way, the content he is sharing.

I do feel, however, that he does over share in some instances, unnecessarily lengthening the book. The information may, no doubt, be needed by those who are struggling with the concept of spiritual warfare, but my personal view is that it makes the book less interesting by being too long. The content he shares could easily be covered in a single church sermon, which would be the length of a blog post or short essay – not a full length book. His definition of spiritual warfare, as addressed previously in this critique, is excellent. It is open enough for many denominations to receive and approve the definition, yet succinct enough to adequately address spiritual warfare without watering it down.

I appreciate his consistent use of Scripture throughout the book to help support his assertions and claims about spiritual warfare. Scripture is not over quoted, either, which lends support that Rankin does not feel he needs to persuade an audience to believe his theory, but rather that he fully believes what he is writing about and earnestly believes that his audience agrees with them. In this regard, his book is more or less a short primer on the world of spiritual warfare. He addresses all the topics that are needed, and maintains a healthy viewpoint of the enemy: not underestimating him, but not giving him too much power either. Rankin fully relies on the power of Christ to overcome Satan. He is not charismatic in his approach, yet also shares experiences that would invalidate the standard “the spirit realm is dead” viewpoint of many Christians and the modern West.

Rankin correctly portrays the enemy and his goals, as well as the purpose of our existence, in his book. Other than the length of his chapters outweighing the applicable content in the chapters, Rankin fully addressed the topic at hand and provides a definitive read on spiritual warfare for the believer today.

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