“Sticky Faith Service Guide” by Kara E. Powell

Sticky Faith Service Guide: Moving Students from Mission Trips to Missional LivingSticky Faith Service Guide: Moving Students from Mission Trips to Missional Living by Kara E. Powell
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Do you have a Sticky Faith? Fuller Institute initiated the “Sticky Faith” series, which is nothing like the sticker book that Tyndale sold and called “sticky faith.” This Sticky Faith is actually serious and designed to be effective and efficient, as well as practical, relational, and beneficial. I have the Sticky Faith book and have been slowly making my way through it (in between my school studies and book reviews) and took up the opportunity to check out this additional title. This book starts with a look at missions trips in youth ministry, and leverages it as an example on how there can be great faith and then great withdrawal in youth, as well as adults (all youth become adults at some point, with the exception of Peter Pan), and the goal is to prevent the withdrawal by making a real faith that sticks, not one that fades when the trip is gone (and a faith that is formed year-round, not one that only expands when “in the field”).

This service guide serves (of course) for practical advice on how to equip and commit youth to real service with real impact, not a fancy trip that is a vacation in disguise (after all, all those Mexico trips to build houses would be more economically beneficial if the local laborers did the world and the visiting individuals helped where they were really needed, such as establishing church leadership and strategies). The goal: create a service to lead to real, sticky faith. The book helps with this in partnering with key roles that can better lead to a sticky faith as well as setting a plan in motion.

The authors, in their typical style, engage the readers and their work is evident through not only their reputation as a sticky faith leader, but with the raved reviews by leaders in industry. The Sticky Faith series is one of high caliber quality and worth (both in time and investment), and this edition is no different, providing practical steps to help teach the importance of service. This book, like their others, is recommended for any and every youth leader.

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