“The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.” by Johnny Ray Moore

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Johnny Ray Moore
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This book is a board book illustrated by Amy Wummer. Drawn in a classic “magic school bus” style of pencil and watercolor painting, this book teaches young and aspiring readers about Martin Luther King Jr. Each page is short and simple, guiding those learning to read through a basic story of the childhood moments that may have inspired King to stand up in the civil rights movement. The book introduces King as an adult, looks back to childhood moments he had to struggle through (general moments, not specific ones), then how his efforts as an adult made the way for changes for future youth, including the youth of today.

This book skirts over the more serious tones of the civil rights moments and briefly highlights the important aspects for kids: water fountains, restaurants, and playing ball (and of course, dreaming dreams). A very quick read, this book is far from an actual education on MLK Jr. and rather just a quick read to help children remember that he was important for equality in America. Innocent and fun, my trial run of handing the book to my five year old (still learning to read) led him to be interested in the book, even if he did not know the actual content himself from his own “reading.”

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