“Story Of Rosa Parks” by Patricia A. Pingry

Story Of Rosa ParksStory Of Rosa Parks by Patricia A. Pingry
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Illustrated by Steven Walker, this board book uses a oil painting style of art that helps the reader feel like they are experiencing history, even though the washed-out faces leads one to not feel personally affiliated with the events of history. As a board book, the story of Rosa Parks is shared as her quickly growing up and leading to the key moment when she changed the treatment of African Americans regarding the bus system. Her efforts in the civil rights movement will always be appreciated and remembered, and this book does an excellent job leading young readers to learn of the historical efforts of Parks.

Children will learn key facts about the historical civil rights movement and the efforts that Rosa Parks lead regarding the bus system – including the boycott that lasted over a year. Fun for young readers, the book does not touch on the darker moments of this movement’s struggle in America, but keeps it light-hearted and encouraging, allowing youth to feel like they live in a nation that as grown up and away from the struggles of racism and classism.

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