“The Story Travelers Bible” by Tracey Madder

The Story Travelers BibleThe Story Travelers Bible by Tracey Madder
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This book is an adventure-packed title that children ages six to ten are sure to enjoy in Christian households. Each page is filled with fun colorful illustrations that bring each story to life. This book covers stories from Genesis to Revelation (the Christian Bible), highlighting important key elements for children to learn from an apply to their own lives. Throughout the book there are special highlighted sections that cover memory verses, fun facts about biblical places, historical facts, critical thinking, and building faith sections.

The author uses an intriguing tone that will draw in child’s attention and leave them wanting to read more. With eighty-five stories to read, children will learn in a creative way the stories of the Christian Bible and how each of the tales has modern meaning for their everyday life. The author presents the stories in such a way that provides practical application for children to learn from. Parents will also enjoy reading along with their children as they embark on grand adventures learning about biblical characters within the biblical narrative. As a side note for parents: younger children will enjoy this book as well; it can be used as a learning tool to integrate biblical foundations into younger children’s lives.

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