“Target Israel” by Tim LaHaye & Ed Hindson

Target Israel: Caught in the Crosshairs of the End TimesTarget Israel: Caught in the Crosshairs of the End Times by Tim LaHaye
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LaHaye and Hindson write this book with an introduction to their love for the Jewish people as Zionist advocates and supporters. In the beginning pages of this book, they highlight their three-fold reason for supporter Jews of every kind and the nation of Israel in particular. They recognize the historical impact America has had on Israel and note the modern challenges facing the United States. This book is designed to approach Israel from a theological base and discredit the heretical teachings of replacement theology. They believe modern Israel is the very Israel of all prophecies and that the church, as well as Christians in general, should actively support such a view and espouse it themselves. This is not the case, however, and thus the expressed need for this book.

The authors take a markedly different tone than Brueggemann does in his book, Chosen, by actively embracing Israel ethnically and religiously. They reveal how the current war is a religious war that mandates the defense of Israel by the church against anti-Jewish attacks. One example is the Arab nation, how there are both Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs, and that the issue is not Arabs, but rather Islam. The deepest threat, according to the authors, that the Jews face is religious fanaticism.

In this work, the authors set out to show how there is a target on Israel and how it is biblical, but also how HaShem will protect Israel, and even though there will be pain, they will not be dispersed again. Further, the authors strongly support taking pro-Israel stances in both civil and religious matters, helping continue the path to the end times. They are persuasive in their approach, citing Scripture throughout, even to the point where sometimes it feels like an annotated proof of Scripture for their argument than it does an actual argument. Their argument is sound and those that are against Zionism will not find this book to be one supportive of their false beliefs.

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