“The Demeter Code” by Russell Brooks

The Demeter CodeThe Demeter Code by Russell Brooks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Do you enjoy spy thrillers? If so, then perhaps this book should be next in your reading queue. Brooks delivers a whirlwind adventure with agents Ridley Fox and Nita Paris, whisking his audience across the world and back in the rush to prevent an attack on American soil. Readers may be familiar with Brooks’ writing style from Unsavory Delicacies, a trilogy of short stories designed to introduce newcomers to the prose of which Brooks orchestrates his masterpieces. Brooks has been repeatedly compared to Robert Ludlum in regards to his ability to create suspense in an intricate web of tales and raise the heart rate of his audience with few words.

Brooks writes with a descriptive yet straightforward voice, guiding the reader along the journey yet keeping enough moving parts in play to prevent the reader from guessing ahead. With an attention to detail in the everyday and a keen observance of the average person, Brooks creates a life-like portrayal of the world, including its darker aspects. Not straying from authentic portrayals of his characters with gritty details and foul language, it seems as if Brooks did not create the characters, but simply put them into words. While some writers drag on scenes as if it were a monologue for the reader to comprehend in the background while the events played out in slow motion, Brooks skips the pomp and circumstance and cuts straight to the matter – with events in action as quickly as one can read the text, much like how an action/adventure event would play out in reality.

In all, without giving away any spoilers to the book, Brooks does a superb job in honing his craft, and while he has improved greatly from his earlier works, being evident in this book, he also shows a continued room for improvement, which can mean only one thing for his followers: it will only get better from here, and as an end result, and the best is yet to come. Stay tuned to this author to keep your hearts beating fast and sweat in the brow…

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