“The Grand Paradox” by Ken Wytsma

The Grand Paradox: The Messiness of Life, the Mystery of God and the Necessity of FaithThe Grand Paradox: The Messiness of Life, the Mystery of God and the Necessity of Faith by Ken Wytsma

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I hail from Bend, Oregon and have had the opportunity to work with Ken in a mutual project involving apologetics and reaching the youth in Central Oregon in the past. When this title became available for me to review, I selected it because of my knowledge of Ken’s prior work. Little did I know how relevant his content is, nor what to expect from his writing style.

In his book, Ken addresses how we try to make sense of a G-d that is mysterious, and the conflict that arises. It’s an excellent topic to address in the post-modern era that Christians are faced with today, and I feel that Ken gave it a good shot. Ken’s writing style is at times complex, but he drives the point home. Repeatedly. With many words. That is the largest issue with his book. While his content is an important consideration for Christians today, Ken’s writing style seems a bit more like notes for a sermon in church, not so much a fluid reading experience. I found it difficult to keep traction with him for long, and was quickly drawn to other books to read.

Those looking for a more detailed and laborous approach to the subject will be quite fond of Ken’s work. Much like Ken’s work with apologetics, a great deal of effort was put into this book and will benefit many…just not me.

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