“The Great Zoo of China” by Matthew Reilly

The Great Zoo of ChinaThe Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly

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As many reviewers have already pointed out with this book, “The Great Zoo of China” rings a familiar tune to “Jurassic Park,” so much in fact that Reilly even gives a nod to the theme within the first few chapters of the book, making a passing comment about how the zookeepers were aware of the movie but felt they had sufficient safety practices in place so that their zoo would be a safe and unprecedented success.

Reilly does an excellent job with creating a quick-paced tale for readers to jump on board with. Being whisked away to a secret location in China, politicians, reporters, and reptile specialists are given an up-close encounter with the Zoo’s main attraction – and much like the Park, this Zoo’s attraction is just as deadly and ancient. Without giving away any spoiling details, this book is great for those looking to see Jurassic Park in another country, but don’t count on much with character depth, since characters tend to die in the park rather quickly (a given that the first view pages features a dramatic and gory fatality).

The book is a fun read, for sure, but for the conservative reader, be warned that foul language and graphic scenes of violence do occur. That said, what else could be expected when a handful of humans are placed inside a zoo filled with carnivorous and dangerous creatures?

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