“The Making of a Leader” by J. Robert Clinton

The Making of a Leader, Second Edition: Recognizing the Lessons and Stages of Leadership DevelopmentThe Making of a Leader, Second Edition: Recognizing the Lessons and Stages of Leadership Development by Robert Clinton

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In my opinion, it is difficult, if not impossible, to improve this book. Why do I say this? First off, Clinton has regularly been updating this book to be relevant to the current leadership team, taking and cultural differences and integrating them into timeless leadership truths.

This book has material that is highly applicable for all leaders in all organizations, even though it is written in such a manner the only Christian leaders would consider reading it (due to its high level of spiritual content). Perhaps my most critical comments on about the book is how spiritual it is, in that it limits those who need the lessons most from learning about them.

The point is valid, that the lessons must be taught with a spiritual component, as the leadership concepts and principles taught in this book are based off of Y’shua’s leadership in Scripture and G-d’s overall intent for our lives. My only other criticism is that this book is highly applicable in nature, which requires the reader to evaluate themselves and implement the changes immediately, instead of reading and a theoretical capacity. Then again, this is also a benefit and that it requires maturity and growth instead of informing about it, but leaving the reader without taking action.

Full of anecdotes and examples, Clinton does indeed write a singular title. The applications in this book are not limited to leaders, as what Clinton describes are everyday life processes. In this capacity, I believe that Clinton could have easily titled this book “The Making of a Christian” instead.

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