“The Miracles In You: The Power of Positive Living” by Mark Victor Hansen

The Miracles In You: The Power of Positive LivingThe Miracles In You: The Power of Positive Living by Mark Victor Hansen

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Is the ability to create a miracle limited only to HaShem, or do humans possess this ability as well? Theological challenges to this idea aside, Mark Hansen argues that witnessing miracles does not take a walkabout or journey to another country, but rather a change in perception to see HaShem’s work in and through you. It is with this concept that he writes this book.

Hansen believes in the power of miracles, and argues that all believers should expect miracles in their lives. Is this biblical? He certainly tries to argue such, pulling out Scripture verses to back up his idea. He is not talking about extreme miracles, such as resurrection, but miracles that he used to view as good fortune or coincidence. How does one obtain this viewpoint in their own lives? After all, Dr. Ben Carson gives a foreword to support the book.

Hansen walks readers through the steps to see their own lives filled with miracles, or perhaps, just more recognizant of them. Happy accidents? Random coincidence? Hansen argues that these are miracles in disguise. And that’s what he does in this book: walk the reader through how to recognize and appreciate the miracles in their own lives.

Overall, I would rate Hansen’s approach to this as needing some fine-tuning. His go-get-them attitude he takes in the beginning is too reminiscent of the prosperity gospel cheats, and he does not want to be associated with them. At the same time, though, Hansen’s work seems a bit too focused on interpretation and not enough facts. Theology is a science, not an art, and there is a high risk in making portions of it too reliant on art form.

Those looking for inspirational reading will love this book, but reader be warned: humans just can’t create miracles, so be sure to give HaShem all the credit. Hansen put effort into his title, but it feels like he is trying to sell me something that I don’t have, and I simply don’t need it.

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