“The Missing Money: Money Monsters” by Okeoma Moronu Schreiner

The Missing Money: Money Monsters

The Missing Money: Money Monsters by Okeoma Moronu Schreiner
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This is a story about Kai. Kai worries, and his big imagination sure doesn’t help! Part of the “Money Monsters” series, “The Missing Money” teaches children about how an ATM can accept money and keep it safe in a bank account. Children will love to engage the book as it fuels their superhero fantasies and the villains that imaginations love to provide.

The book teaches great lessons that most children will not see but are essential for raising a future generation that compassionate and non-prejudiced. The story starts with a single page reflecting the Chinese New Year, which is amazing. The setting placed, we are immersed into the wonderful world that is Kai’s imagination and his loving household. A short story, readers can finish this work in less than a few minutes if they are self-readers.

This book is absolutely amazing. The content doesn’t dive deep, but being aimed at younger readers (and those learning to read), it’s at the perfect level. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to teach diversity through a lens of financial understanding. There are many terms to learn and discussion questions at the end that engage readers in a dialogue about how finances work for adults. Based on this book, I look forward to seeing what other works are part of this “Money Monsters” series.

A key part of this book that makes it so amazing, to be honest, is its astounding artwork. My wife works at an elementary school and thought the artwork was not only excellent, but a joy to look at. The quality of the simple story, wordsmithing, and excellence in artwork make this a book I highly recommend for all ages, but especially those of ten and younger.

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