“A Theology of Biblical Counseling” by Heath Lambert

A Theology of Biblical Counseling: The Doctrinal Foundations of Counseling MinistryA Theology of Biblical Counseling: The Doctrinal Foundations of Counseling Ministry by Heath Lambert
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This review is provided by my wife, since her current academic pursuits are related to life coaching and she holds a master’s degree in biblical counseling.

Please note: this book is geared toward a Christian audience. The content of biblical counseling, however, is excellent and can be applied to both secular environments as well as alternative faith formats.

There is need for people to step in the place of persistent helper, compassionate listener, and wise counsel in the world today. These are the foundational elements of biblical counseling. This book is designed to help counselors, pastors of all theological doctrines, and even the layperson who find themselves in the position of counseling, equipping them with biblical wisdom and truth to succeed. Using systematic theology, the author shows how biblical truth and wisdom can help counselors and pastors bring change and healing to their client’s lives.

The author uses a clear and understandable tone to his writing. While there are technical terms and concepts throughout the book, it is still easy to follow the flow of his thoughts and to take in what he is conveying. This book is packed full of great information and how it applies to counseling. The examples used will help counselors practically apply biblical lessons and wisdom to their own lives and well as to the lives of those they help. This book was an enjoyable and educational read. I would recommend this book to everyone who finds them consistently in the position of counseling others, regardless of they are a counselor or not. The author breaks down what a counselor is in the first chapter; a counselor is really everyone in one way or another. With the information this book provides, one can gain knowledge about helping others while at the same time gain knowledge about helping themselves.

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