“Trophy Target” by Allen Mitchum

Trophy TargetTrophy Target by Allen Mitchum

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Allen Mitchum writes this “lethal solutions thriller” with a voice that fancies itself like Tom Clancy, reminiscent of the Jack Ryan series. The tale opens in French Guiana, following an anonymous member of the French Foreign Legion disappearing. As a result, a rescue mission is launched to rescue the crown prince of Denmark, taking the reader on a whirlwind through conspiracies and thrilling page-turning episodes.

This book follows the title closely and snares the reader in from the beginning, encouraging readers to not just turn pages (or update pixels), but also to not give up for a break or meal period. A slave driver of an author, Mitchum captures the attention in such as fashion that one cannot resist his writing style or flair. Enjoyable with a bit of witty humor from the first paragraph to the last, Mitchum marks excellence in his works and writing, and continues to excel in his craft.

This book will entice those interested in thriller fiction works, much like Clancy’s. Reader be advised, however, Mitchum does his best to provide an realistic feel to his world, with authentic language and behaviors.

Allen Mitchum provided an advanced reading copy of this review in exchange for a honest review of the material.

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