“Unbound” by J.B. Simmons

Unbound (Omega Trilogy, #1)Unbound by J.B. Simmons

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this book has promise to be as realistic as possible, if the copyright page specifically indicates “this is fiction, not prophecy.” As book one of a trilogy, the reader meets Elijah Goldsmith, a rich kid from Manhattan that has seen spiritual revelations in his dreams. But since this is a work of fiction, I would hate to give away any spoilers, and therefore can only further comment on the quality of the author’s work, leaving the remaining content for you, the reader, to discover.

Simmons writes in a fashion that is accurately representative of the character’s point of view: chaotic and imaginative. Where most authors narrate in a manner that illustrates the protagonist’s thought processes yet remain detached, Simmons does the opposite. His writing is immersed into Elijah’s life. The readers follow everything – his dreams, thoughts, and daily life – as if they are trapped in his mind, and limited to his linguistic abilities to communicate, almost as if it was a live-action diary.

A high quality work, Simmons presents an enticing and enthralling introduction to his new series. Those that enjoy post–apocalyptic works, as well as supernatural thrillers, will find this book a natural next read. The only problem? The world ends in 2068, not 2066…

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