“(Un)Qualified” by Steven Furtick

(Un)Qualified: How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things(Un)Qualified: How G-d Uses Broken People to Do Big Things by Steven Furtick
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Steven Furtick is known for many things: famed author, pastor of Elevation Church, and mansion-owner to name a few. While his mansion-owning process has a caused a myriad of opinions, it only proves one fact: Furtick’s words carry weight and impact. His church has experienced massive growth and his podcast to new popular heights, and his message has been spreading. Would it be a surprise, then, to hear that a theological great that Furtick looked up to summed Furtick’s ministry into a single, disappointing word? That word was “unqualified.” It hurt Furtick to hear it, yet he used it for good instead of bad. Sure, it got him down, but he didn’t stay down.

This book is his response to the word. In essence, everyone is unqualified, and that is a good thing. It allows ministry leaders to boast in their weaknesses. To sum it up, “G-d doesn’t call the qualified – He qualifies the called.” Those words have been repeated in many different ways, yet remain true nonetheless. As an inspirational work to help everyone move past their past, this title helps each unqualified individual see how G-d qualifies them for work and ministry. In this capacity, it is a great opportunity for readers to move forward.

Like other mega church works, this in spiritual text is written for the mass, and designed to attract a variety of walks and experiences to move forward and grow. In that, the work is an excellent read. However, it also presents a reality that some will come across: the title is less personalized, and as a result, feels more copy written and less unique to Furtick’s preaching voice.

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